About Us


What makes White Rock Pharmacy Different

As an independent pharmacy under the PharmaChoice umbrella in White Rock, BC, we like to get to know our customers, their health concerns and their medical profiles. We have a close relationship with local physicians and work together to ensure that the customer’s health is of primary importance. You will not have to walk a mile in the store or walk through a perfume department to see a pharmacist or pick up your purchases. From our front door to the checkout counter is only 11 feet or 5 paces. Exercise is important when you have the time, but not when you need to just get your medication. There will never be a wait at our checkout when lottery jackpots are up as we do NOT sell lottery tickets.
(We can sell you a White Rock Beach Lucky Coin LOL)

Services of White Rock Pharmacy

White Rock Pharmacy is a full line drug store, focusing on customer wellness. We provide professional services, products and information on health-related issues. White Rock Pharmacy customers receive drug usage monitoring, medication record cards, prescription medication handouts, counseling and consulting services and professional compounding. White Rock Pharmacy provides pharmacy services to group and seniors’ homes as well. White Rock Pharmacy pharmacists are available to speak to groups on medication or health issues.


We are White Rock based and offer some unique White Rock Beach Gifts & Souvenirs.
If you are looking for some of the most unique White Rock Beach Gifts & Souvenirs, think White Rock Pharmacy. We have connected with ARTographer Ric Wallace and carry WhiteRockBeach.ca postcards, greeting cards, magnets, White Rock Beach Lucky Coins and some Wall ART up to 30″ x 60″.

Our FREE My Health eBook, supplied as a PDF file, is ideal for creating a personal record (for all of your family) of health / medical history, doctors’ appointments, allergies and medications in this easy-to-use journal. Having your own My Health eBook journal is handy to have when seeing your doctor or other medical professionals. Sometimes even having the proper spelling of various medical terms can help you when filling out medical forms. Having a record of operations, dates, doctors, and phone numbers could even save your life if an emergency arises. The My Health eBook is being offered for FREE as your own health documentation tool and NOT a replacement for medical advice.