Medication Review

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BC Pharmacy Association

The objectives of paying for medication review services are to increase communication between patients and pharmacists, promote safe and effective medication use, and improve health outcomes for patients.

Medication review services are provided by a pharmacist through an individualized, in-person appointment in a suitable private area. The pharmacist meets with the patient to gather all pertinent information about all the patient’s medications.

Medication Review Services include:

Medication Review – Standard (MR-S)
The pharmacist meets with the patient to review their medications and prepare a Best Possible Medication History (BPMH). The purpose is to improve the patient’s understanding of their medications, including what medications they are taking, why they are being taken, and how best to take them. The BPMH can also be shared with other health care professionals, such as the patient’s family physician or specialist.

Medication Review – Pharmacist Consultation (MR-PC)
Undertaken only when a medication management issue (MMI) has been identified by a pharmacist during an MR-S. The pharmacist, in collaboration with the patient, and, if applicable, the prescriber(s), works to resolve the issue. This includes developing and implementing a care plan to resolve the issue and evaluate results.

Medication Review – Follow-Up (MR-F)
The pharmacist meets with patients who have already received a complete MR-S or MR-PC and require follow-up to:
•review a subsequent medication change,
•address difficulties with understanding and/or implementing the care plan developed during an MR-PC, or
•evaluate the care plan developed to resolve a medication management issue.

Eligible patients may receive one Medication Review (which can include a pharmacist consultation or follow-up) once every six months.

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