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Refills on your prescriptions are just a call away at 604-542-4878 or use our contact form below.

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We also welcome you to stop by, and we will process your order while you wait.

While waiting you can view the WALL ART by ARTographer Ric Wallace which is part of the White Rock Beach Gallery located in our store. Need some bandages, a toothbrush, pain relief, or other health aids? We have a large selection.

If you are looking for some unique White Rock Beach postcards, greeting cards, magnets and White Rock Beach Lucky Coins are ideal for anniversaries, birthdays or any time you are thinking of someone special. Before you have seen all the postcards and greeting cards your refill maybe done.


Our FREE My Health eBook, supplied as a PDF file, is ideal for creating a personal record (for all of your family) of health / medical history, doctors’ appointments, allergies and medications in this easy-to-use journal. Having your own My Health eBook journal is handy to have when seeing your doctor or other medical professionals. Sometimes even having the proper spelling of various medical terms can help you when filling out medical forms. Having a record of operations, dates, doctors, and phone numbers could even save your life if an emergency arises. The My Health eBook is being offered for FREE as your own health documentation tool and NOT a replacement for medical advice.